White Cube is a new catalogue and platform for art enthusiasts who would like to participate in a conversation about the arts. Its mission is to break the barrier to arts and drive the conversation of what art is and what art could become.

Combining Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli (ca. 1485) and Venice Reconstituted (1989) wall mural by Rip Cronk.

The famous Mona Lisa (1503) by Leonardo da Vinci meets neon art Mona (1981) by Lili Lakich.

User Research
In the past 50 years, artists have been bypassing elitist private art galleries and making art accessible to the public. The rise of technology and social media have accelerated this democratization of art. To help create a personable product, I interviewed three art enthusiast friends of mine who believe that art has social, cultural, and educational importance in our society.
As part of my research, I invited them to an art museum, art galleries, and Arts District respectively to observe their behaviors and connections to different types of art. These would later serve as inspiration for user scenarios and user experience design.
User Interface
Driven by the three venues of art, the identity system aims to be minimal yet funky and raw. The resulting interface recedes to let the art shine through, while adding brand recognition using the hexagonal UI elements.
Logo of White Cube, an abstract form of the abbreviation WC while depicting facets of a cube. The name White Cube strives to reclaim the space for art from elitist organizations and make art accessible for everyone.
User Scenarios
In different settings, users can explore artwork from a variety of ways. They can follow artists, connect discover art according to their taste, and deep dive into a piece via audio and AR.

User can look up murals on the street by location and attach their own images to the catalogue entry.

Users can also discover local art gallery exhibitions and add newly created artwork to the catalogue.

In museums, users can listen to audio commentaries and learn about specific details of an artwork using AR.

Other Projects

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