Speak OUT! was the 2021 year-end fundraising campaign for ONE Archives Foundation (OAF). Reflecting on speak out protests during the AIDS crisis and gay liberation movement, the identity sought to bring together the old and the new, looking at history through today's lens. The campaign spanned across print, motion, web, and social media.
Inspired by materials from ONE Archives' own collection at the USC Libraries, the color palettes and typography were related to activist posters, flyers, and banners produced by the LGBTQ community between the 60s and the 80s. The identity also drew inspiration from the pop art movement, which was also ongoing during that time.
The campaign was launched on CauseVox, a fundraising website, in early October 2021 along with the main campaign video. To help promote the campaign, a series of videos were also released on social media, which involved staff, supporters, archivists, and board members. The campaign identity worked with historic archival material as well as current day documentation.

Main campaign video, introducing the past, present, and future of OAF.

Compilation video from donors and supporters of OAF, including historian and author Eric Cervini.

Video introducing the Lisa Ben collection with Loni Shibuyama, archivist at ONE Archives at the USC Libraries.

The campaign was also pushed through physical and digital newsletters to supporters of OAF. A special motion graphic was created for Giving Tuesday, a worldwide charity event and campaign, using the Giving Tuesday logo.

Motion graphic for Giving Tuesday, featuring "Speak OUT! Give OUT!" as an extended slogan.

Special thanks to Umi Hsu, Jennifer Gregg, Jaime Shearn Coan, and Erik Adamian.

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