Dim gai is one of the ways to ask “why” in Cantonese. It is a fascinating word because separately, dim means “how” and gai means “to explain” or “to comprehend”. So for me, asking “why” has never been simply knowing the reason behind something. I also want to comprehend its meaning and be able to explain it to others.
Another way to ask “why” in Cantonese is zou mat. Zou means “to do” and mat means “what”. Knowing “why” helps me achieve what someone set out to do. There is always more than one way to accomplish a goal, so to me, figuring out what needs to be done is a crucial part of doing so.
These two mentalities of asking “why” are translated in my work. I always ask “why” as I approach a new design, a new topic, or a new project. I am Maxwell, and I am a designer probing the “whys” in the world. I am looking for freelance and full-time opportunities in transmedia graphic design and visual interaction design.
Maxwell Fong
Graphic Designer
+1 669 238 5774
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