Bug Fair is an annual two-day festival at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County featuring exhibitors and programs showcasing bugs and insects. In 2023, the Bug Fair event received a refreshed look adorned with artwork by illustrator Nuria Boj.
The artwork includes emerald cockroaches, jungle nymph walking stick, giraffe stag beetle, and giant African millipede, all of which belong to the Museum's Living Collections. The graphics convey the feeling of a luscious natural bug ecosystem. The event attracts over a total of 10,000 bug enthusiasts over the weekend.
With over 40 exhibitors and special programming at different locations in the Museum, the event information needs to be organized in a clear and digestible format. Promotional material for the event spans across print, digital, and wearable media.
Creative Director: Alicia Patel
Studio Manager: Justin Edwards
Illustrator: Nuria Boj

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