Dino Fest is an annual festival at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County featuring exhibitors and programs related to the history and science of dinosaurs. Each year, the event artwork showcases a dinosaur illustrated by comic artist Dan Panosian.
The graphic identity of the festival takes inspiration from comic books. The color palette and featured dinosaur is different every year, in order to highlight the Museum's vast collection of dinosaur fossils and drive up excitement from the general public. The event draws in over 5,000 dinosaur aficionados each year.
In addition to exhibitors and programming, the festival holds panel discussions and presentations with paleontologists from the Museum's Dinosaur Institute. A motion graphic template was developed for the public video recordings of the talks, along with other print and digital media.
Creative Director: Alicia Patel
Studio Manager: Justin Edwards
Illustrator: Dan Panosian

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