Goodreads is an online book catalog where users can track, review, and recommend books they have read. The goal of this project was to not only revamp the look and feel of the brand, but also to get users excited about making connections through reading. I advocated to push forward digital outreach, as the demographic consuming e-books and audiobooks continues to grow.

The new mark was inspired by an ancient communication device called quipu. They are knotted strings the Inca people used to collect data and keep records. We now use books to communicate ideas, spark imagination, and "tie people together."

Through the refreshed brand identity, Goodreads aims to tie the knots from readers to one another, to knowledge, and to adventure. It aims to target the younger demographic and make reading fun.

App Store Mockup
As part of the digital outreach strategy, the Goodreads rebrand will include assets such as video interviews, digital newsletters, podcasts, and branded social media posts. This encourages the younger audience to be more engaged with reading and interacting with the platform.
Video Content Template
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