From Perversion to Subversion examines fetishism in relation to fashion through the lens of psychology and history, investigating fashion as an extension of the body and as a construction of gender, and the objectification of women across different times and cultures. It explores questioning the current power structure and recreating them through elements of fashion.
The narrative is interpreted through devices of concealing and revealing, as well as juxtaposition and abstraction. Such devices span beyond the physical form of the book and are translated in spatial applications, acting as an extension of a thesis.

To promote the launch of the book, these posters are designed with the same graphic element of concealing and revealing in mind.

Publisher Rebranding
I have proposed TASCHEN to be the publisher for this book, since their bold publishing techniques and controversial content matter align with the book nicely. I used bold, striking typographic lockup as their new logo, while creating a flexible typographic grid using the same structure.
Exhibition Design
To accompany the book launch, I also proposed an interactive exhibition to celebrate the release of the book. This exhibition would take place at the TASCHEN Gallery in Los Angeles, and the audience are able to peel off long format posters to reveal content underneath.

An example of how the book will be promoted through outdoor advertising.

The black bars come off of the wall and onto the sidewalk, grabbing pedestrians' attention.

These posters extend to the floor and into freestanding columns, onto which video content is projected.

The long format posters can be taken home as a keepsake. The back contains a description about the book and the event.

Other Projects

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